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Choosing a Remembrance Day Poppy

Posted on 10th November, 2018


 What do the different coloured poppies mean?


Red - A red poppy signifies a lasting memorial to those who died in WW1 and later conflicts. Officially associated with the Royal British Legion. 


White - A white poppy remembers those who have died in conflict, while emphasising the lasting commitment to peace. Officially associated with the Peace Pledge Union. 


Purple - A purple poppy is worn by those wanting to remember the animal victims of war. Officially associated with the Animal Aid charity. 


Black - A black poppy remembers the Afican, Black and Caribbean communities who contributed in any way to the War effort. Officially assocaited with BlackPoppyRose.


From the BBC website "Red, White, Purple, Black? Choosing a remembrance day poppy", related"What does the purple poppy mean?" and Remembrance Poppy - Controversies and how to wear it 


See also BOB;s Remembrance page.

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