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JUN 19

C40 Cities 'The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5C World (PDF)

Page 40 Table 3 'Ambitious Target of Zero meat & dairy consumption by 2030' Progressive Target 16kg per person per year i.e. two small burgers a week TOTAL meat consumption. See also C40 Knowledge Hub and UK100 Countryside Climate Network.

Where will the protein/dairy come from? Insects?

JUL 22 Govt Consultation on transitional arrangements for edible insects in Great Britain (Overview PDF - Full PDF) Summary of Responses (PDF)
JUL 21

"An affordable lab system that uses grass blades to turn cells into cultured meat..." JUL21 (PDF) VIDEO and 3D Printing Meat JUL22 - although not necessarily vegetarian, e.g. using cow stem cells, fetuses and blood. Also Fish

"The University of Bath is leading the way in the UK’s efforts to develop lab-grown meat, which could be on supermarket shelves within five years" MAR 19 (PDF)

2020 C40 Cities 2020 Report p7, "The UK100 network launched its Net Zero pledge at the end of 2020, emulating the 1.5°C ambition of the C40 climate planning approach."  AboutMembership, Rural Countryside Climate Network (see also DK2020 - PDF)
JUL 2018

Insect Allergies "Entomophagy and allergies: a study of the prevalence of entomophagy and related allergies in a population living in North-Eastern Thailand (PDF) "In conclusion, the allergy aspect of entomophagy is a serious issue and has the potential to adversely affect the future of entomophagy, especially in introducing the concept to western cultures."

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