70 More Dwellings for Bleadon Hill Devils Bridge

Posted on 23rd January, 2017

Hot on the heals of the Wentwood Drive Hearing and Bleadon Hill Public Inquiry another new housing development of 70 houses seems to be in the pipeline at the junction of Bleadon Hill and Bridgwater Road (by Devil's Bridge). A 'public consultation event' is being held this Thursday 26 Jan, between 2pm and 8pm, at W-s-M Cricket Club, Devonshire Road, BS23 4NY.


Other developments in and around Bleadon, putting pressure on its limited road exits, include:

  • Bridge Road (which now has 42 dwellings approved at the Quarry)
  • Bleadon Road (which now has 50 units/lodges approved opposite this junction at Accommodation Road; which is also opposite the 165 all year round units at Purn Caravan Park)
  • Totterdown Lane (which now has 50 dwellings approved at Wentwood Drive)
  • and we're also waiting for the imminent outcome of the Inquiry re: 79 dwellings at Bleadon Hill, opposite Hillcote)

The development onslaught appears to be continuing with this newest development being investigated. A member of the public has informed us that:


Savills are proposing, on behalf of the landowners, up to 70 new houses to be built on the field at the Bridgwater Rd end of Bleadon Hill immediately next to the railway line. There has not yet been a planning application, but Savills are holding a "public consultation event" on 26 Jan A copy of the letter from Savills to local residents can be read here.


BOB has been made aware of further details via Streetlife indicating proposed suitability of the site and use of the existing amenities, schools, GPs, Hospital, etc.


BOB has also been sent this recent Daily Mail article "Ministers shelve plans to bulldoze Green Belt after coming under pressure from their own constituents"


All this and the formal Bleadon Parish Plan started in 2005 and adopted by Parish Council in 2009 for 20 years seems now to be missing.....More on this later!


Some images received from the public meeting (apologies for quality)

comments by 10th February 2017 by email to mtucker@savills.com

or post to M Tucker Savills Embassy House Queens Avenue Bristol BS8 1SB

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Comments (4)

I did ‘hear a whisper’ only last week: - so it’s true then? ‘Sounds like a ‘wearing down’ process to me, don’t you think?

We’ll try to make the “Consultation Event”, if only to see what ‘changes’ they are planning to accommodate the increase in ‘local Traffic levels’? I have heard that the “Planners” aren’t at all interested in the matter when they are “listening to objections”. ‘Makes you wonder why we bother!

It figures!

Thanks for the ‘heads up’.
Thank you for the update... why is everyone wanting to build in Bleadon at the moment!!

BOB reply:
As you say, It seems that everyone is wanting to build in Bleadon at the moment, (but this is happening throughout the country) possibly due to NSC consultations asking for potential sites to be suggested to them. This is then a great incentive for developers and landowners to submit applications with a good chance of approval as central government's 'new homes bonus' scheme rewards local authorities seemingly regardless of local views or plans.
with the greatest of respect it's all a done deal housing shortage affordable homes etc look what happened with the last appeal it went through!!!
Hello... we are planing to attend the meeting at the cricket ground this Thursday 26th about the proposed planning for 70 house by Devils bridge, we live close by and is of great interest to us.. NOT to have houses built there!!!!