Bleadon Hill Wentwood Housing Development update

Posted on 29th February, 2016


Bleadon Hill Developments Please see email below from the Bleadon Hill Action Group regarding the above.


If you have or indeed haven't already done so, please take the time to comment again on this revised application for proposed development on Bleadon Hill land above Wentwood Drive/Highfield Road and very close to Hillcote estate. 15/P/0983/O


Previous and further information available here




Att Neil Underhay

Planning Department

North Somerset Council

Town Hall.

Weston super Mare



Dear Sirs 


We respond to the re consultation for the 50 unit layout 


The applicant has revised the layout to provide the ecology and open space that the initial submission required. The 60 unit layout with the initial application was never realistic and achievable. Houses were plotted on ecology buffer land that the applicants own accompanying reports required. So, nothing has changed and in reality the applicant has not reduced unit numbers. The applicant has corrected its own error. 

We note that building heights have been restricted around the site periphery. We do not see how the buildings in the centre of the site remain at 2 storey. However any building will have a visual impact as the applicants own visual impact assessment has indicated.  


Our previous observations still stand and we OBJECT to the application


We have further observations and would like to bring to your attention to misleading and ill-informed statements in the IMA Transport Planning report


Manual for streets (MFS) is referred as the design document, Manual for streets is used to design new residential streets and shared spaces predominately limited to 20 mph, not existing Roads. Totterdown Lane is a Road, not a street, and has traffic using it to speeds way in excess of 20 mph, it’s also a Road which is currently substandard in both its width, footpath provision and drive way visibility. Suggesting, “Because it’s already substandard and therefore acceptable” is misguided. There is also reference to NO accidents, if correct, this has occurred by the grace of god and through pure luck rather than the grace of Highway Engineers and the current environment.


Totterdown Lane is not lightly trafficked as stated. The traffic flows were taken over a 6 hour period during a quiet period, the traffic figures are not at all reflective of peak period. Totterdown Lane is heavily trafficked at rush hour, outside of school holidays and usage is increased and passing traffic exacerbated on Bank Holidays and during the summer peak period. Traffic is particularly heavy on events days for example Weston Air show Days where Totterdown is used as a short cut for traffic by passing the Hospital Roundabout and diverting through Bleadon Village.


2.22 states “It is noted in advance that the route towards Bleadon Hill is not likely to be used heavily by those living at the site; the northbound route is a more valuable route in respect of the locations and facilities that it gives access to”. Quite an assumption!!! The Nub of the issue I believe.  Bleadon Hill is the preferred desire route for pedestrians, I can vouch for that and I assume so can many others. The majority of walking occurs for leisure and pleasure purposes due to the slopes!!! We are near the base of a Hill, so the desire for most is to seek its peak and the views from it. The Purn Nature Area, Hellenge Hill, Roman Road PROW to name some. Also access is gained to Bleadon Village Play area and the St Catherine’s Public House as other leisure examples. All accessible going North, up Totterdown Lane.  The local amenities are too remote for most and we must assert that the car is the preferred method of transport to Broadway. Broadway and beyond It is not within walking distance for most as stated and it is not the desire route, much the opposite in fact. North, not South is the preferred pedestrian route. For amenity purposes the Hill is a massive deterrent (South), for pleasure/leisure (North) a desire route, surely its common sense, so let common sense prevail?  


Could you please ask the councils highways Engineer to consider the above? 


No ecology bat surveys have been completed in spring/early summer months as requested by Natural England, who have a holding objection to the application. The council's own ecologist and the bat consultee have standing objections. We await to see the Bat surveys from April, May, June and July. 


There is another environmental concern and one that has received a lot of press coverage lately. Flooding.  

Whilst we appreciate officers have been consulted on Flooding and Surface Water Drainage, We and many residents still have reservations. We don’t think enough investigation and ground infiltration tested has taken place to enable an informed decision.


See   it’s exactly the same problem residents had and still have concerns about. Those concerns have been exacerbated by this news article and further clarification would be appreciated from officers or a guarantee that flooding will not be a problem from members. 


No infiltration impact assessment has been done. No flow path modelled done. No points of adequate connection established should infiltration proves unsatisfactory. Residents have already expressed concern re current flooding and ground water infiltration into properties, the development will only exacerbate the current problem. It is therefore essential more is done before the outline application can be determined. It should not be conditioned as it may prove unfeasible and the site not deliverable.


No flow paths are shown on the developer’s proposals, we believe it is essential the flooding question is answered before the Outline application is determined. The water must flow somewhere, usually downhill, the question is can the water flow bypass lower lying properties?? 


Based on the above can Members, Officers and the councils Engineer confirm that no flooding will be caused by infiltration or overland exceedance flows? 


In summary we believe that this site is totally unsuitable for development and there must be others that meet the Councils housing targets that we understand and appreciate must be delivered for future generations.

Yours faithfully,



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Have you picked up that the 50 houses off Wentwood Drive have been recommended Approval by officers and members are voting on it this Wednesday 13th at the town hall
Please ensure comments are also made to NSomerset via the links above
Being the home owner of 37 Copse Close, BS249NU, I have considerable concerns regarding the development of sites of 60 houses on the ridge line overlooking my property and the effect of the flow of water to my lower lying property and the effect it will have on the wildlife, the deer that frequent the wooded area and also the frogs and newts currently in my pond.
I would also like to add my voice of objection to the flow of traffic. I have almost been knocked down 4 times whilst negotiating Totterdown Road on foot. The road is substandard and any additional traffic owing to the development on Bleadon Hill would simply increase the chance of a serious accident. Although I sympathise with the authorities to achieve targets but this rather slapdash, unprofessional and cavalier attitude to push through applications by applicants should be rejected on the grounds that not enough evidence and preparatory groundwork has been done and the sub standard infra structure. Mr CCD Shaw
Thanks for alerting us. We will be sending in another objection