Additional 60 Houses Application for Wentwood Bleadon Hill

Posted on 25th May, 2015




This application has been revised see new blog post here


Also, at Bleadon Parish Council meeting on 8 Feb 2016,North Somerset Councillor Terry Porter reported that the Bleadon Hill Development for 79 Houses was likely to be turned down by March Planning Committee on the basis of landscape and sustainability issues, however the developer was likely to appeal and had already done so on the basis of non-determination. As regards Wentwood Drive, this was more difficult and rated as 50:50 for approval or refusal, a bat survey had been completed and would change what could be done. The number of houses had now been reduced to 50 by developer and development was unlikely to be refused on landscaping/sustainability issues and developer was meeting with highways on 9 Feb. This all echoed what had been previously reported at the 11 January meeting as minuted by BPC, so no real extra detail.


You may also be interested in a BBC report affecting a development in Devon, I saw this on BBC news on 15 January and thought of the proposed drainage solution for Highfield/Wentwood Bleadon Hill development?


Terry Porter also reported  that from the recent Sites and Policies consultation, no new areas had been identified so the status of an infill village for future development should not be affected. 





See this update on another application for 79 houses on Bleadon Hill

 More Environmenal impact reports and information on public transport deals



UPDATE - See What's New


The Action Group has organised a public meeting at Weston Football Club, Winterstoke Road on Monday 15th June at 7.00pm. Doors open from 6.00 pm. North Somerset Council will be asked to send representatives. All welcome.




Outline Planning permission is being sought for another 60 Houses on Bleadon Hill. The Land is off Totterdown Lane at the top of Wentwood Drive & Highfield Road on Bleadon Hill adjacent to Hillcote Estate  


Wentwood Drive Development Bleadon Hill




The deadline for comments on an Outline Planning Application (15/P/0983/O) for 60 Houses off Wentwood Drive & Highfield Road and adjacent to Hillcote Estate on Bleadon Hill is 4th June (extended to June 22nd, Extended again to 30th)!

UPDATE - See What's New


Following the 79 houses application on Bleadon Hill, BOB has been alerted to a new application on Bleadon Hill fields by property developers, this time for 60 houses on land between Wentwood Drive/Highfield Road and Hillcote Estate. This application was apparently posted on NS planning website in late April when local politicians were fully occupied with election fever and with the public focussed on an approaching May Day Holiday.


BOB has been asked to help publicise this latest attempt to blight our rural landscape and is informed that no local neighbourhood notices have been posted for this application and residents have only just been alerted by a recent Weston Mercury report


PLEASE take the time ASAP to make comments on this application via this link (or to the postal address below) and also inform your neighbours and friends to do likewise. No doubt comments previously made on the other Bleadon Hill development application for 79 houses will be as valid for this new additional proposal and our local politicians will hopefully also agree that this is unwanted and un-needed.  BUT comments need to be made AGAIN otherwise the prospect of connecting Bleadon Village to Bleadon Hill becomes closer, which would change our rural village landscape forever.


If you prefer to post your comments then the postal address is:  

North Somerset Council

Development Management

Post Point 15

Town Hall


BS23 1UJ 

If you do make comments on this BOB blog (below), please also make sure that they are made to, and appear on, the North Somerset website for formal consideration via 15/P/0983/O


Also contact  the Town & Parish Councillors and North Somerset Councillors via links below and let them know your views too.



The Land is at the top of Wentwood Drive & Highfield Road on Bleadon Hill adjacent to Hillcote Estate and is actually in  Weston-super-Mare Town Council boundary and next to Bleadon Parish Council boundary. The relevant North Somerset Council wards are Hutton & Locking and WSM Uphill and MP is John Penrose.


This is yet another major potential development application in our area so please take the time to comment online and/or email or write to your respective councillors with your views to be considered as part of the official planning process.  


The Bleadon area has potentially 205+ new properties 'planned' including these two Bleadon Hill proposals, Bleadon Quarry and potentially Amesbury Drive (+ other 'infill' ones) to come!


This seems very excessive considering that the Bleadon Parish 2011 Census recorded 530 properties. This would imply a potential 40% build increase in our area without any apparent infrastructure growth to cope with the population & traffic that may also come with these properties!


How did we get to this? See here for the battle our MP's are having with Government Planning Inspectorate.


Please forward or print this to others you know who maybe interested.  


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Following Your Bleadon BOB information I asked for advice from my son( who is managing director of a fairly large building company in the UK) ,and regularly involved in trying to buy land and get planning permission.

BOB edit : Email information referred is posted on the other 79 houses application (link above) But relevant to this too.
The Bleadon area does not need any new housing development, not least on Bleadon Hill itself due to the issues with access, infrastructure and with it being an area of environmental importance.

If the building of these sixty houses were to go ahead, how long before further development on the hill is proposed.

Surely there are more suitable sites in Weston even if that means adding to the already sprawling
housing estates on the approaches to the town.

Dave Waterhouse
Bleadon Hill

The proposed site for the development is situated adjacent to a site of nature conservation interest.
Secondly, no plans have been submitted for the control of surface water.
Thirdly,, the proposed development would increase the level of traffic at the access to the site at the junction of Wentworth Drive and Totterdown Lane which has a steep elevation
Finally, the increase in population combined with that of the increase from the approved new development of dwellings at Bleadon Quarry would make road navigation around the narrow roads of Bleadon village and its environs hazardous..
Yours faithfully,

I have happily commented on the north Somerset cc website and am horrified that yet another planning application has been submitted for the area. The undoubted traffic congestion onto the main road via bleadon hill devils bridge and through the narrow roads of the village will cause mayhem especially at rush hour times of the day as the lanes have very few places wide enough for cars to pass. In addition to this, where will the children from the development go to school? Existing residents children find it difficult enough to get places in uphill or lympsham and oldmixon primary serves the oldmixon estate and surrounding area to say nothing of the total desimation to the countryside and wildlife!!!
I visit my daughter in the area and cannot believe how dangerous this proposal is, the roads are not wide enough, and access for building equipment is ludicrous. The council going to put yet again commercial gain before safety also to build on such a high point above existing properties surely is not on. There is already a huge development on the old airport which is only part finished and they are now offering a sale discount I presume they cannot sell them or why offer a discount
I was shocked by the deliberate lack of notification of this proposal .. I am totally against this proposal
as it blatantly imposes upon an area of natural beauty which is the habitat for the wildlife. The existing roads are already hazardous and any increase in its usage would further compromise safety. I hope that this proposal is rejected outright..

Warwick Lawley