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Bleadon Levels Enhancement Proposals

Posted on 17th March, 2014

A Letter to Bleadon Parish Council kindly shared by The Clerk

Bleadon Levels Enhancement Proposals

Thanks for your interest in the Bleadon Levels Wildlife Enhancement project,


I've attached a draft plan for reference. The project proposes to improve Wessex Water landholdings adjacent to the Sewage Treatment works for its nature conservation value. There is currently a considerable amount of pedestrian use of the sea wall as well as some motorbike use. Some of this is undesirable because of disturbance to birds (more so in the southern section). As a compromise Wessex Water are considering developing pedestrian access along the sea wall in the northern section (but with gates to prevent motorbike use). This access would link up with existing rights of way to create a circular walk. The southern section would be completely closed off using gates so there would be no public access. 


Other proposals are to introduce grazing (2) to improve the quality of the saltmarsh in one location (stock proof fencing will be required to achieve this and could be located at the base of the sea wall on its western side), as well as possibly raising water levels in the ditches (3) and in the conservation meadow (1). We have consulted initially with the regulatory bodies, who have been positive about the proposals and we are now consulting with the wider local community. 


If possible and in due course, I would like to meet with the Bleadon Parish Council to discuss the proposals. 


Kind regards, 


Nichola Davies 


BSc. Applied Ecology MSc. Behavioural Ecology MCIEEM


Davies Ecology Ltd 7284190


Tel. 0117 279 2470 / 07811 403 652 / davies-ecology@sky.com


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