Village News on South Hill fence posts and PROW

Posted on 14th April, 2013

South Hill fence posts and PROW and very recent PC website updates regarding North Somerset Sites & Polices Consultation (posted April 11th for a April 19th deadline).


BOB is sorry to read in the Parish Council Village News that some blogs are considered a fuss but surely that's what democracy and freedom of speech is all about. We are all allowed opinions on what's best for Bleadon regardless of whether we are on the PC or not. BOB's post on this issue on 14 March was a direct result of emails from concerned residents with regards to fencing on South Hill, the proposed footpath extinguishment order and the lack of response from PC members. I make no apologies if BOB Blogs make the PC/VN Editor a bit uncomfortable or sensitive to perceived criticism of the current PC.


So, BOB needs to respond to one particular Spring 2013 Village News article on the South Hill fences....The PROW was of course not extinguished 'under the noses' of the current PC as this was an extinguishment order made by North Somerset which the PC and public were properly consulted on and chose to accept due to practicalities. BUT, this footpath may have been quarried away at sometime long ago and this presumably did happen with the then PCs knowledge (or not) but as the current PC are now asking for villagers memories, clearly there are no parish records which would seem to confirm that this did indeed happen 'under their noses'. BOB's main concern is that the current PC doesn't know how the loss of these local rights has come about, which is why comments on the current North Somerset Sites & Policies Consultation are so essential to protect our remaining rights.


Bleadon Parish currently has several protected areas under North Somerset constraints and policies including, but not limited to, South, Hellenge and Purn Hills, Bleadon Hill fields, Shiplate Woods, etc. That's why comments on the latest North Somerset Sites & Policies Document (or Development Plan) is so very important so that these protections are not lost. Something the PC today seem to have completely lacked in communicating to the villagers as there wasn't a mention about this important and vital bit of information in the Village News, especially surprising as this consultation started on the 26 February but was only posted this week on the PC website on April 11 with a sole focus on The Quarry development proposal.


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