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Bleadon and North Somerset Sites & Development Plan

Posted on 14th March, 2013

There are more consultation things going at North Somerset that affect Bleadon (click for link) 




North Somerset Sites and Policies document is out for consultation and includes areas in Bleadon. The Parish Council supports the mixed use redevelopment of the site

where this results in community benefits.


This allocates sites for development, and has allocated 25 dwellings (along with business and community facilities) for Bleadon quarry. Now is the time to write in if you have any concerns about development at the quarry site, and it’s also important that people write in to support the exclusion of the other sites that were submitted (click here to see map). Those that put them forward will no doubt be beavering away putting together arguments as to why they should be re-assessed. The Sites and Policies document also carries forward the settlement boundary excluding the field opposite, and re-designates this as open space, so if this document is adopted, any development on this site wouldn’t now be possible until 2026 at the earliest. It’s probably also worth encouraging people to write in to support this open spaces designation, as whatever they say, potential developers may try and get the designation removed. The argument in this instance should be made that Bleadon needs open space, not that it doesn’t need housing.

North Somerset Sites & Development Plan



The attached map shows two sites which could be developed if the village boundary is changed from that proposed. The developers will be pushing to have the boundary changed (not very likely maybe, but possible). Which is why people should comment on the consultation if they do NOT want these sites developed, or an excessive number of houses in the quarry: This interactive emerging proposals map may also help and/or the My North Somerset Map.


You can comment on the Sites & Policies Plan here: via email and/or via the online system


There are four policies which directly affect Bleadon. Suggested comments are shown:


Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft Service and Infill Villages BL1

I/we support the exclusion of SHLAA assessment sites SHL72 and SHL98 from the Bleadon settlement boundary and from any development allocations.

I/we support the settlement boundary as proposed.


Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft Service and Infill Villages BL1

I/we support the proposed number of dwellings (25) in Bleadon Quarry. (Further comments could be made re: drainage, environment, etc. see other comments sent in. )


Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft Ensuring Safe and Healthy Communities DM72

I/we support the continuation of the Strategic Open Space site to the West of Bridge Road, Bleadon. (known to villagers as the Sanders' field)


Sites and Policies Plan Consultation Draft Ensuring Safe and Healthy Communities DM73

I/we support the designation of the three fields bordered by Bridge Road and Bleadon Road, Bleadon as Local Green Space (Policy DM73) (this is a new policy and would give more protection to the fields than the current Strategic Open Space which covers just half of the Sanders' field)


If you click on this link, and do a search for comments containing "bleadon", you will get all the comments so far relating to this village. If you want to comment see the suggestions above. Longer versions have been sent in. (these are in Planning "language", but can/should be simplified).


Marshalls already have written in along with some others. You can go directly to the Marshalls' comment: http://consult-ldf.n-somerset.gov.uk/consult.ti/spdraft/listRepresentations?docid=3658708&objectoruid=8108001. Basically they want a lot more than the 25 houses suggested and have produced a report (PDF attached).


If anyone does want to comment it can be done directly on line (you have to register and log in), or by e-mail to: planning.policy@n-somerset.gov.uk. The Bleadon Parish Council Planning Committee are also going to comment on behalf of the people of Bleadon, but this is the chance for your individual say.


and here is the latest BOB post on this topic


You may also like to research this Link to Neighbourhood Development Plan information under Localism Act


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